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Delantal con peto MONZA 60

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Referencia: 60

Delantal con peto MONZA unisex

Resistente al agua

Composición: 80% PVC, 20% Algodón

Talla letra
Size Chart


Clothing Measurements

  1. Get a flexible measuring tape. These are often sold in craft stores
  2. Neck:
    • Measure around the base of the neck in inches.
    • Round up to the nearest half inch.
  3. Chest:
    • Wrap tape measure under armpits around fullest part of chest (usually right above nipples
  4. Sleeve:
    • Bend your elbow and rest your hand on your hip.
    • Have someone measure from the middle of the back of your neck to your wrist by putting the tape measure over your shoulder, around your elbow and to your wrist.
  5. Waist:
    • Wrap tape measure around where you normally wear your pants. Keep tape measure a little loose by keeping a finger between the tape measure and your waist.
  6. Inseam:
    • Put on a pair of shoes.Have someone measure from your crotch to back of the heel, where you want your pants to end.
  7. Hands:
    • Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb). The number of inches shows the size of the glove.
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Delantal con peto MONZA unisex

Con cordón en cuello

Resistente al agua

Composición: 80% PVC, 20% Algodón

Medidas: 90L x 64A cm


Ficha técnica

80%PVC 20%Algodón

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Ficha técnica delantal 60

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